About Narayan International Schools, Ayodhya

In our increasingly competitive world, a high-quality education gives students a wider choice and better chances in Schools and college as well as the skills and tools needed to succeed throughout their lives.

This is the discipline in our school campus. Ask parents to write or draw a picture of the "school", and some ideas will emerge like: appealing, authentic, aptitude, ascending natured school.

Narayan Inetrnational Schools Ayodhya will learn with enthusiasm and efficiency. Narayan Inetrnational Schools Ayodhya students will build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, acquire a lifelong love of learning, and be prepared to achieve success in university and beyond.

With excellence in educational qualities the Globalization and Internationalization are always tinkling the beauty of this new era school with the facility of labs, dining hall, excellent sports facilities and hi-tech classrooms.

The hale and hearty infrastructure, well maintained dazzling campuses with stirring doorway adjoins the values to the beauty accompanied by the library with all mod cons, precise laboratories and a fanatical(keen) and dexterous academics supports an unbeatable and rosy environs to privilege the students yardstick amongst the best in the world.

In these pages, you can find out about Narayan Inetrnational Schools Ayodhya, Its curriculum, extracurricular activities, Facilities, requirements for admission, registration procedures, and other aspects of the school that may be of interest to you.